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Our mission is to support and equip you on the road towards your new job! We work hard to adapt our support to your individual situation and needs. What is important to you? What are your objectives and what do you need in order to be able to find a new job?

A job coach

Everyone is assigned their own job coach. You meet one-on-one and discuss where you are in working life just now, where you would like to get to and the best way to get there.

At Startkraft we know from experience that there are several different routes that lead to new jobs. Finding new employment can, and should, be achieved in many different ways. We are all different, and find ourselves in different situations in life. Working on an individual basis produces the best results so each participant is assigned their own job coach.

Your profession and the future

As and when necessary and in addition to the individual coaching, Startkraft also offers various activities all with the aim of helping participants to find a new solution as soon as possible.

  • There are tests we can perform to help you identify new job opportunities, what suits you or to strategically plan your professional development. There is a web-based Career Package.
  • Through Startkraft you have access to a large number of interactive courses. We work in partnership with Klickdata
  • When necessary we arrange group activities based on our methodology, for example employment interview training.

Job tips and company contacts

We are able to offer participants job tips directly from employers through our Recruitment Service. During the course of our contacts with companies we identify more jobs and contacts on the "hidden" labour market, jobs that are not advertised.

When necessary we also arrange study visits to different workplaces, exhibitions and trade fairs and recruitment meetings.

Our method and material

Simply described it can be said that job coaching has two phases. First perhaps more practical and hands-on help is needed in order for participants to find their way to a new job. After a while they work more independently and the coach supports and encourages them by providing contacts with possible employers and by ensuring that motivation is maintained at a high level throughout the entire process.

All participants may use the specially designed working material which contains lots of exercises, tips and inspiration for the journey to a new job.

Start up your own company support

We also offer planning and evaluation of each individual's personal situation and potential market. We often employ the help of an external business consultant to examine participants' business concept, budget and marketing plan.