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Startkraft AB is owned by the collective agreement foundation TRR Trygghetsrådet. TRR works with transition on the labour market and possesses more than 30 years' experience of redundancy situations in Swedish business and industry.

TRR Trygghetsrådet was founded in 1974. The basis of its operations is the "Transition Agreement" established between the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv) and The Council for Negotiation and Co-operation (PTK). Consequently TRR owners are the Swedish employer and the Swedish employee organisations.

TRR provides advice and support to white-collar employees, management and union representatives at companies who are facing a transition process.

TRR is also able to offer support to blue-collar workers i.e. employees who are not covered by this Transition Agreement. This support is offered through its subsidiary Startkraft.

Facts about TRR
  • More than 32 000 companies and a total of 700 000 employees, primarily in the white-collar group in the private sector, are affiliated to TRR.
  • TRR has approximately 275 employees and is found in more than 40 locations in the country.
  • HQ is located in Stockholm.