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Startkraft core operations are aimed at working with transition process support for blue-collar employees.

Over the years Startkraft has been used by more than 5 000 companies and has helped more than 50 000 employees. Startkraft is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TRR Trygghetsrådet who has more than 40 years' experience of transition activities within Swedish business/industry.

In1999 TRR created its subsidiary Startkraft with the aim of broadening the range of services on offer to customers. Consequently companies and trade unions within the private sector now have the opportunity to employ only one supplier to deal with all redundancies - both blue and white collar employees - thus providing a cohesive support package irrespective of the transition agreement applied.

Many choose Startkraft

Many companies and unions choose Startkraft as their cooperating partner in their transition process via Trygghetsfonden TSL. TSL is an insurance system included in collective agreements where customers may apply for financing of the necessary transition support.

Startkraft is owned jointly by the unions and the private sector but is independent of both. We are tasked with helping people who have been made redundant and are proud of the results we have achieved.